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Functional Testing is often used in my practice to gain more information into your clinical health picture. Some of the tests I offer are listed below: 

  • Stool analysis

  • DUTCH hormone testing

  • Organic acid test

  • FDX bloods

  • HTMA hair analysis

  • Adrenal stress profile

  • Allergy testing

  • Lifecode GX genetic testing


Nutritional Therapy can help + support a variety of conditions and symptoms including: 

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME/Fibromyalgia/Energy

  • Gut health + digestive issues

  • Acne + other skin problems

  • Environmental toxicity

  • And much more!


Whilst the above lists some of my specialisms and key interests, I have also worked with a variety of other conditions + symptoms ranging from ADHD, post covid, weight loss + peri/menopausal symptoms. Please contact me if you want to discuss a health concern that is not listed here. 

klr functional testing
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